Linear Motor Driven Linear Actuator

Linear Motor Driven Linear Actuator

Linear motor driven linear actuator as a linear motion machine is a kind of transmission device that directly converts electric energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient realization of long stroke, high acceleration, fast response and high precision, and the maximum repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.001.

Linear Module

High repeated positioning accuracy.
Micro drive capability.
Zero backgap characteristic.
Non-contact (air gap), zero wear, low noise.
High speed movement, high precision.
Ultra-high stability: nice running thrust/speed stability.
No transmission components, low failure rate.

How is belt drive linear actuator composed?
Linear motor driven linear actuator mainly takes the forcer and stator as the heart of the whole precision linear motor module. Other major accessories are linear guides, main carriage, raster ruler and Hall sensor and other small components, then match with drives and encoders to work together.

How does a motor driven linear actuator work?
The internal mechanical structure of the linear motor driven linear actuator can be regarded as a rotary motor by radial cutting, and spread into a plane. The internal stator is equivalent to the primary section of the linear motor, the rotor is equal to the second section of the linear motor, when the current is passed into the primary of the linear motor, the traveling wave magnetic field will be generated in the air gap between the primary stages. The driving force of the linear motor is generated by the interaction between the traveling magnetic field and the secondary permanent magnet, so as to realize the purpose of linear motion of the moving parts connected with the linear motor.

How accurate are precision linear motors?
Linear motor driven linear actuator has a repeatability accuracy of ±0.001 mm.

How often should a motor driven linear actuator be oiled?
For precision linear motor, it is recommended to fill up every three months or walk 20km.

What is the advantage of a motor driven linear actuator?
1. Use forcer and stator to customize the stroke, cause the stator track can be connected as needed, so the motor length is theoretically unlimited.
2. The forcer and the stator do not contact during movement, there is no ordinary screw ball and belt transmission wear, stuck, backlash problems, so our precision linear motor can achieve maintenance-free long-term work.
3. This special, non-contact internal structure enables linear motors to achieve higher speeds and accelerations, linear motor can generally reach more than 1G, while ball screw type can only reach 0.5G.
4. Few parts, all can be modular packed and then shipped.
5. The assembly is simple, do not need skilled workers, just need to tighten the screws.
6. Accessories have a high versatility, the same width of the product, except the main carriage module, other materials are all universal.

What is a precision linear motor used for?
Precision linear motor is very suitable for Robots, linear module manufacturing, linear platforms, optical fiber alignment positioning, precision machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing, vision systems, electronic component insertion, factory automation and other applications that require high speed and accuracy of motion systems.
In order to simplify the customer sales difficulty, LIMON can provide the entire material, including mechanical parts, forcers, stators, gratings, magnetic grids and drives. Encoder specifications will be fixed: grating using Banyan brand RUL series, resolution 0.005; Magnetic grid adopts LIMON brand GS2000 series resolution 0.01 and the driver adopts Panasonic A6L series, providing both pulse type and Ethercap type. Also LIMON provide standard 3M, 5M, 8M motor and encoder extension cord.
From technical aspects, we will provide calculation forms for pre-sales selection to help customer choose the most suitable and cost-saving type, and also dthe technical guidance for the installation and commission of the Panasonice rive, linear motor driven linear actuator and grating.

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