Company Profile

Company Profile

LIMON is a high-tech manufacturer, specialized in automated light to medium-duty linear motion system, and currently undergoing rapid advancement of both capacity and capabilities.
We deliver great client solutions both by focusing on actual end-user demand and by building upon a strong foundation of diligence, consistency, responsiveness, reliability and attention to details.
LIMON firmly believes we are responsible for promoting the development of Chinese automation industry. Through the years, we spare no effort to enhance the value of both our products and our own brand.


What can we promise to you?

  • Ability to design and engineer optimal, tailored client solutions
  • Professional engineering team from TAIWAN
  • Mature quality control system
  • Production for a full range of products at requests
  • Excellent, consistent quality and service
  • Support in the large extent with competitive price
  • Great performance in global market and fine feedback

How do we achieve those great results?

  • Importing key components from well-known suppliers, through our subsidiary in Taiwan and other sources
  • Importing the latest technology in quality-control testing equipment, giving us capabilities unknown to our competitors
  • Utilizing a highly-professional network of distributors in Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Germany......all over the world
  • Building and fostering a strong long-term team
In 2003, we set up our business by producing linear bushing. Year by year, we have been keeping up with the development of the new technology. Every year we are devoted to provide high precision products to our clients and make them more valuable in the market.

We mainly focus on producing linear guide, ball screw and linear actuators, which have been widely used in LCD panel industry, electronic industry, photovoltaic industry and many other major industrial fields.

For the linear guide, 18 production lines is under operating, with powerful capacity and various accessories supply. Ball screw is also another mature product, includes both rolled type and grind type with high precision and full-feature. They both earn wonderful global market feedback.

Our linear actuators come in basic three types, or a combination of these: belt-type actuators for fast-moving, light-impact use; ball-screw type actuators for precision applications, and cylinders for multi-point orientation needs. Collectively, they meet a wide range of demands from multiple industries, including machining, auto industry, part testing, electronics, medical, food filling, stamping machines, “4D” cinema seats, and so forth.

LIMON is committed to build a strong relationship of mutual benefits and trust with our clients, which makes LIMON products widely sells to Europe, Asia, and South American. Of course in China, we also have earned large market and LIMON’s distributors have covered more than 32 regions. We works closely with distributors and end users both in the domestic and oversea markets, every year, we have more than 10 exhibitions, over 100 technical training, 800 plus customer visits and thousands of customize solutions, just in order to to be the best partner in the global automation industry.

LIMON always concentrate on enriching the value of our products for our customers. Before sales, by using LIMON calculate system and considering the risk analysis, our engineers will choose the most safe, and cost-effective type for our customers. Secondly is about our quality guarantee. Before designing, we make the FMA for each components to make certain their strength is already strong enough. Thirdly, LIMON has always been providing our products to the official organization to get the professional certifications and patents, which makes LIMON a reliable supplier of many large enterprises with international reputation.

Though years, we have been building our own team and strengthen it, expanding our influence gradually. Our engineering team is rich experienced, we have the ability to design and also customized solutions. And our sales team is so dedicated, we are committed to supply more efficient and satisfied cases to the clients.

We believe one of always challenging oneself, whether as an individual or company. And we never stops exploration of their potential. We are sincerely looking forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs - near, medium and long-term - and jointly explore how we can best meet them.

This is LIMON, your reliable partner who firmly dedicated to the linear system field, we will always keep the passion to make innovations, and provide high efficient communication with each others.


LIMON has grown solidly yet rapidly since forming in 2002 under GM Tony Choo, we have been gradually building a strong team. Designing, engineering, and fabricating physical products to directly provide visible, bespoke solutions holds great appeal to not only Tony but the whole team at LIMON. We expanded upon our offerings there and elsewhere, always employing the principles of direct feedback - from both immediate clients and end-users - and continuous improvement.LIMON never stops exploration of our potential.

Tony Choo

Founder of LIMON
General Manager

Liaison between development and marketing

Tony Choo

General Manager

Lucia Choo

Senior Consultant

Zhaoyun Guo

Operation Director

Wen Du

Marketing Director

Yonglei Zhao

Technical Director

Liping Cai

Finacial Manager

Yong Wu

Procution Manager

Weiyan Yang

HR&Admin. Manager

Jennifer Ke

Sales Manager

Luna Yao

Marketing Manager

Ryan Chen

Top Sales Engineer

Jane Lin

Top Sales Engineer

High-quality products must be inseparable from high-quality raw materials, sophisticated equipment and high-end technology. LIMON is committed to providing high quality products, that’s why we mainly invest in material, equipment and technology. All the main raw material purchased from Korea. The equipment made in Taiwan, and being place into the workshop as Japanese standard.

Advanced production machines and testing equipment ensure better and fast production. In order to control the quality of products, LIMON has continuously introduced and independently developed a number of testing equipment, and constantly upgrading our workshops to ensure our production. Moreover, in terms of quality control, we have our own QC system, from raw materials warehousing to processing (heat treatment, hardness analysis, drilling, straightening, grinding), and then to finished products, testing, marking, packaging, and a series processes, all are under strict control. LIMON is committed to integrating "customer satisfaction" into our daily work.

LIMON takes the market demand and the company's own development demand as the guidance, complies with the international standard. We offers the following certificates to our global customers:
CE European Union certification certificate
ROHS certificate

From 2002, LIMON start from linear bushing. With the development of industry and market demands, we add more linear motion products into our sales, like linear guide, ball screw, linear unit.

By 2021, we have also developed precision stage, hollow rotary actuator, GSC module and other new products.

LIMON’s cooperate value is efficiency, concentration, innovation, cooperation. We will always pay attention to the market trend, constantly develop and bring more valuable products to our customer to maintain our philosophy, so that our customer will always be fresh in the market.

Due to the diversity of our products, there will be different replies to the delivery date.
● Normal order delivery of linear motion products is generally controlled within 1-2 months.
● Normal order delivery for linear unit and higher precision products is generally controlled within 7-15 working days.

Even in the case of an epidemic, because of the strong production capacity of our factory, we can also guarantee the timeliness of delivery.

LIMON adheres to the "market-oriented, customer-centric" business philosophy, strives to enhance our core competitiveness and drives the rapid development of our global business. For the customer with different products and service needs, we has our unique professional sales staff.

Every year, LIMON’s sales team participate in more than 10 exhibitions in the domestic and oversea markets, 102 technical training inside and outside, 856 customer visits, constantly improve our product knowledge, sales ability, as well as market sensitivity.

LIMON responsible for strong relationship with mutual benefits and trust, that is why we do quite well in Europe, Asia, and South America.

In addition, our technical team is outstanding, with more than 18 years of design and development experience in the automation industry. According to the needs of customers and the market, we will continue to develop more valuable products. Besides, According to the customized requirements, our team are capable to provide special design for our customer. At the same time, our technical team and sales team are also inseparable. They visit customers together, study outside together, and receive internal training, which enables them to greatly improve their own abilities.

LIMON only provide the highest quality goods available,accompanied by perfect after sales support! We have more than 15 years of foreign trade sales experience, our perfect after-sales service system receive very high praise from our partners. At the same time, LIMON's 24-hour online service is highly recognized by our customers, you can get in touch with our sales person in any work software including email easily. LIMON concentrates on providing the highest quality service to our customers, and provide the following services to our customers.
1. According to the requirements of customers, provide technical guidance on the use and other aspects;
2. Ensure the supply of maintenance spare parts;
3. Responsible for repair service, and provide regular maintenance, regular maintenance;
4. Provide customer with regular telephone return visit/ online meeting.
5. Dealing with customers' letters, visits and telephone complaints, answering customers' inquiries .At the same time, we will use various ways to collect the opinions of our customers on the quality of products, and improve them in time according to the situation.

LIMON will be online for you 24 hours a day, please feel free to come to us!

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