Precision Linear Guideways

Precision Linear Guideways

LIMON linear guideways allow a type of linear motion that utilizes rolling elements such as balls or rollers. By using re-circulating rolling elements between the rail and the block, the load platform can easily move linearly with high precision along the slide rail. Compared to a traditional slide, the coefficient of friction for a linear guideway is only 1/50.It has the advantages of high precision and intensification. With these features, precision linear guideways can greatly enhance moving accuracy, especially, when accompanied with precise ball screws. LIMON precision linear guideways also known as linear guide way, linear guide rail, linear slide rail and so on.

About LIMON linear guideways:
Type: Standard type, Roller type, Ball chain type, miniature type, self-Lubrication type.
Production range: size 7~65.
Precision: C, H, P.
Various accessories: ZZ, DD, KK.
Rail length available: max 6 meters.

Liner Guideways

What are features of linear guideways?
(1) High positional accuracy
When a load is driven by a linear motion guideway, the frictional contact between the load and the bed desk is rolling contact. The coefficient of friction is only 1/50 of traditional contact, and the difference between the dynamic and the static coefficient of friction is small. Therefore, there would be no slippage while the load is moving.
(2) Long life with high motion accuracy
With a traditioal slide, errors in accuracy are caused by the counter flow of the oil film. Insufficient lubrication causes wear between the contact surfaces, which become increasingly inaccurate, In contrast, rolling contact has little wear;therefore, machines can achieve a long life with highly accurate motion.
(3) High speed motion is possible with a low driving force
Because linear guideways have little friction resistance, only a small driving force is needed to move a load.This results in greater power savings, especially in the moving parts of a system. This is especially true for the reciprocating parts.
(4) Equal loading capacity in all directions
With this special design, these linear guideways can take loads in either the vertical or horizontal directions.
(5) Easy installation
Installing a linear guideway is fairly easy. Grinding or milling the machine surface, following the recommended installation procedure, and tightening the bolts to their specified torque can achieve highly accurate linear motion.
(6) Easy lubrication
With a linear motion guideway, grease can be easily supplied through the grease nipple on the linear guideway block. It is also possible to utilize a centralized oil lubrication system by piping the lubrication oil to the piping joint.
(7) Interchangeability
Compared with traditional boxways or v-groove slides, linear guideways can be easily replaced should any damage occur. For high precision grades consider ordering a matched, non-interchangeable, assembly of a block and rail.
How linear guideways work?
The block moves forward and backward along the fixed plane of the linear guideways, and the movement of the component is realized by fixing the special component on the block. Finally, realizing the whole movement through the circulation of the steel ball between the linear motion guide and the block.
LIMON linear unit also use our own precision linear motion guide inside, and sell to all over the world.
How is the precision grade of linear guideways divided?
Linear guide is a precision transmission accessories, its precision directly affects the precision of the equipment.
Generally speaking, the accuracy refers to the walking parallelism of the upper table of the block facing the lower surface of the slide rail, and the grade is divided into (take the guide rail as an example).
-- General grade (C/N) 5μm
-- Advanced (H) 3μm
-- Precision grade (P) 2μm
-- Ultra-precision grade (SP) 1.5μm
-- Ultra Ultra Precision (UP) 1μm
The precision data of linear guideways is distinguished from the value of several indicators, specific can click"
What are linear guideways used for?
Linear guideway is a part of precision production line, mainly plays a guiding role, is very widely used, such as precision equipment, machine tools, automation industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, packaging industry, medical industry, mail industry, etc.
A mechanical equipment designed to do a very simple job well, LIMON precision linear guideways let you move things smoothly and safely through the manufacturing or packaging process.
LIMON's mission is to be the leader of intelligence manufacturer and concentrate to improve automation industry in the region, so we attache great importance to the quality. For the guide rail, we have completed the inspection of incoming materials, heat treatment, hardness analysis, drilling, straightening, grinding, marking, testing and packaging in our factory, strictly controlling the quality of each process. For the block, we achieve a dust-free block grinding workshop few years ago, from cleaning to assembly, testing, marking and packaging all are down here. LIMON will also continue to improve the quality of products to bring better experience to our partner.


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