Flanged Linear Motion Ball Bearing

Linear Bushing

LIMON linear bushing have the advantages of wide product range, unique automatic workshop, different design and nickel coating & steel cage available. We start to export linear bushing from 2003. Due to our reliable quality and service, we soon become a leading manufacturer of linear bushing in China , and we built a good image and reputation in the oversea market.We have more 15 year experences for linear bushing parts. In the begining we help our JAPANESE customer do OEM. After so many year experence, now we are the leading manufactuer of linear bushing in China and also we are the only automatic manufacturer to produce linear bearing in China.

Linear Bushing

1:Wide product range
2:Diameter 4mm~10mm
3:Unique automatic workshop.
4:Different design.
5:Nickel coating & Steel cage available

It is our superiority that the product stability can be controlled. And that’s how we do quite well in Europen and Asia market.