What is linear motion guide?

What is linear motion guide?

What is linear motion guide?

What is linear motion guide?

LIMON linear motion guide also known as linear guideways, slide rail, linear guide rail, linear slide rail, used for linear reciprocating movement occasions, and can bear a certain torque, can achieve high precision linear movement under high load.  


Construction of linear motion guide:

LM guide (linear motion guide) is composed of three parts:

  1. Rolling circulation system: Block, Rail, End Cap and Retainer.
    2) Lubrication system: Grease Nipple and Piping Joint
    3) Dust protection system: End seal, Bottom Seal, Bolt Cap, Double Seals and Scraper





How linear motion guide work?

The block moves forward and backward along the fixed plane of the linear motion guide, and the movement of the component is realized by fixing the special component on the block. Finally, realizing the whole movement through the circulation of the steel ball between the linear motion guide and the block.


Features of linear motion guide:

(1)Self-aligning capability

By design, the circular-arc groove has contact points at 45 degrees. H series can absorb most installation errors due to surface irregularities and provide smooth linear motion through the elastic deformation of rolling elements and the shift of contact points. Self-aligning capability, high accuracy and smooth operation can be obtained with an easy installation.

(2) Interchangeability

Because of precision dimensional control, the dimensional tolerance of H series can be kept in a reasonable range, which means that any blocks and any rails in a specific series can be used together while maintaining dimensional tolerance. And a retainer is added to prevent the balls from alling out when the blocks are removed from the rail.

(3) High rigidity in all four directions

Because of the four-row design, the H series linear guideway has egual load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions. Furthermore, the circular-arc groove provides a wide-contact width between the balls and the groove raceway allowing large permissible loads and high rigidity. 

Industries that use linear motion guide:

Linear motion guide is a part of precision production line, mainly plays a guiding role, is very widely used, such as electronic industry, automobile industry, packaging industry, medical industry, mail industry, etc. Limon linear unit also use our own precision linear motion guide inside, and sell to all over the world.







LIMON provide the linear motion guide range from 15-45, precision in C, H, P, preload in Z0, ZA, ZB, and the maximum length of linear motion guide can be 6 meters. We keep moving forward for further evolution, and every year we develop new products to our customers. This year, we are still developing roller guide and cage type, to satisfy the growing needs of our customers, to make them fresh in the market.


In order to know more about linear motion guide, LIMON or our other products, feel free to contact us by email ([email protected]limonrobot.com) or visit us at www.limonrobot.com.