Different type of ball screw

Different type of ball screw

LIMON is a professional manufacturer of linear motion products. Our successful product is like that linear guideway, ball screw, linear bearing, linear module, linear motor, step motor, etc.


This time I would like to introduce more about LIMON ball screw.


Regarding to the high load ball screw, LIMON can produce both rolled and grind type screw, and the precision is reach up to C3.Our raw material is imported Korean as well. The size is range from 12 to 80mm, with left and right turning, and double nut is also available. We are the first supplier to produce big size in China. Whats more, we also can provide customized solution for the clients.

The difference of rolled screw and grind screw as below:

Rolled screw-high load ball screw:

  1. Precision C5-C10
  2. Complete length 3m-6m for different size
  3. Generally assembled into a micro backlash
  4. Short delivery time
  5. Competitive price and easy for stock

Grind screw-high load ball screw:

  1. Precision C3-C5
  2. Cutting length, generally within 1.5m
  3. Concentricity, roundness, straightness is guaranteed, generally fitted with light preload nut
  4. Machining according to the drawing, long delivery time


Rolled screw and grind screw application:

Rolled screw:

Rolled screw is suitable for the low accuracy high load occasion: focus on the automation industry, such as transplanting, move, point-to-point ran stressed precision. Not suitable for high precision absolute accuracy.

Grind screw:

Focus on machine tools, semiconductor and other industries: such as machining, inspection, measurement, etc.


There are different options: SFU - high load ball screw, SFS - quiet ball screw type, SFY - high speed ball screw type,etc. Therefore, the circulation of nut movement is also different.


End circular characteristic and using occasion:

Nut type: SFA SFS

Circulation way: two end cover the ends of the steel ball nut by cycle.

Model features: smooth degree is high, the running noise is small, suitable for small specification. 12-32

Applicable occasions: sliding table, electronics industry equipment, high-speed transport, etc.


End circulation characteristics and using occasions:

Nut models: SFY circulation way: two end cover the ends of the steel ball nut by cycle. Model features: it is mainly used for high lead, as a general rule, be single or double lead times. Such as 1616, 1632, 2020, 2040, in comparison with the same model of SFS, nut size bigger.

Applicable occasions: the pursuit of high speed, high deceleration condition. Such as assembly line handling, take and put the pursuit of capacity of automation equipment


Inside circular features and using occasions:

Nut type: SFU circulation way:

Nut inside the channel, every two laps with inverter form a circle, each Nut have more than one inverter.

Model features: good economy, in the general industry has a wide range of applications.

Applicable occasions: apply small lead, low speed applications, high load ball screw required ,such as 1605, 1610.



The process from raw material to finished products is all under the quality control, including straightness, noise testing, precision inspection and so on. To ensure the quality, we also built a temperature constant workshop for testing. After many quality inspections and comparisons, Our products is proved to be similar as one of famous brand in this industry.