Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuator

Ball Screw Driven Linear Actuator

Linear module has several names, linear unit, mechanical arm, linear slide table, etc., is the automatic upgrade unit of linear transmission mechanism such as linear guide rail and ball screw. Its working principle is to use a motor to drive with a starter to complete automatic operation. ball screw linear actuator is one type of linear module.

Linear Module

How is ball screw linear actuator composed?
ball screw linear actuator is mainly composed of ball screw, ball nut, linear guide rail, linear block, aluminum profile, coupling, motor, sensor, etc.
How does a ball screw linear actuator work?
Ball screw linear actuator working principle: use the motor to drive coupling, which drive the ball screw rotation, then with the ball bearing at the bottom of the linear module, so that the ball screw can complete the whole rotation process in situ. The rotating motion is then transformed into a linear reciprocating motion of the linear module, and this is a process by which the ball screw linear actuator completes the entire action.
How accurate are ball screw linear actuator?
Due to the precision grinding characteristics of the ball screw system, the ball screw linear actuator has a repeatability accuracy range of ±0.003 ~±0.05 mm.
What is the advantage of a ball screw linear actuator?
Advantages 1: Small volume, light weight, easy installation and maintenance;
Advantages 2: High rigidity, high precision, high speed, high load, high thrust, strong reliability;
Advantages 3: Unique design, high wear resistance, long life;
Advantages 4: Equipped with stainless steel dust proof structure, has the function of dust proof and splash proof;
Advantages 5: Rich product types, size from 100 to 220, widely application use.
How is the ball screw linear actuator installed?
Upper lock type: make holes (from top to bottom) on the Aluminum profile, then locked with screws.
Lower lock type: make holes (from bottom to top) on the Aluminum profile, then locked with groove nuts and screws.
What accessories are used in ball screw linear actuator?
1. Coupling: Used to connect motor and output shaft
2. Sensor & Sensor dog: Normally, there are three photoelectric switches in a sensor set and one sensor dog.
①1pc zero switch: used to reset the moving seat when the motor stops working.
②2pcs limit switches: used to limit the moving seat, which can avoid the moving seat directly hitting the supporting seat.
3. Groove nuts and screws: used for install the linear module into the platform.
What industry will use ball screw linear actuator?
Most industrial intelligent equipment will use ball screw linear actuator: like 3C industry, lithium battery industry, new energy industry, semiconductor industry, industrial manufacturing loading and unloading robot, automotive industry, precision dispensing machine, screw machine, welding machine, logistics handling machinery, packaging machinery and other industry applications.
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