What are the types of ...

What are the types of guideways

Linear motion guide rail, also known as linear guide rail, slide rail, linear guide rail and linear slide rail, is used for high-precision or high-speed linear reciprocating motion. It can bear a certain torque and realize high-precision linear motion under high load.

There are 3 types of linear guideways: roller types of linear guideways, cylindrical types of linear guideways and ball types of linear guideways. They are used to support and guide moving parts to make reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. According to the nature of friction, linear motion guide rail can be divided into sliding friction guide rail, rolling friction guide rail, elastic friction guide rail, fluid friction guide rail and so on. They can also be divided into square ball  types of linear guideways, double core roller  types of linear guideways and single core types of linear guideways.


Limon can provide a wide variety of linear guides suitable for various application scenarios. According to different applicable loads, it can be divided into micro, medium and heavy load types. The linear guide rail mainly transmits the load by the ball, so the difference between the micro, medium and heavy load type is mainly the number of rows of the ball. Micro linear guide rail generally has 2 rows of steel balls, which are in contact with the track surface at 4 points, and the structure is compact; Medium and heavy load linear guide rails generally have 4 rows of steel balls, which improves the bearing capacity.


LIMON different types of linear guideways according to different track width, slider width and length;


Application of widened guide rail-types of linear guideways:

The ratio of total height and track width of the standard guide rail is about 1.1, while the ratio of height to width of the widened track is about 0.65. The total height of the widened track is 40% lower than that of the standard track. Therefore, the widened track is most suitable for the occasions with restrictions on the height direction; On the contrary, when there are restrictions in the width direction, please use the standard track.

On the other hand, the height width ratio of the widened track is reduced. Compared with the standard track, the static allowable torque is increased by more than one time, and the rigidity is greatly improved. It is most suitable for the structure with offset center of gravity.


Application of widened slider-types of linear guideways:

The basic rated load and static allowable torque of the widened slider are roughly the same as that of the standard slider, and there is no change, but the fixing bolt on the widened slider is larger than that of the standard slider, and the fixing strength is improved.


Use occasions of sliding blocks of various lengths-types of linear guideways:

After the track is selected, the length of the slider is mainly considered. The longer the slider is, the greater the basic rated load and static allowable torque are.


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