Limon's Decade-Long Journey of Innovation

Limon's Decade-Long Journey of Innovation

In the relentless pursuit of technological innovation and steadfast quality, Limon has emerged as a true pioneer. Hailing from Ningbo, this high-tech enterprise has spent the past ten years demonstrating the power of perseverance and innovation.

Embarking from Ningbo: Limon's Ten-Year Odyssey

Ningbo, a city steeped in history and commerce, serves as the backdrop to Limon's dreams and entrepreneurial strides. Since its establishment in 2013, Limon has focused on the research and production of linear module products, paving the way for endless possibilities in this field.

Limon has consistently made "quality" the linchpin of its company development. From scrutinizing raw materials to conducting final product tests, each step is vigilantly monitored to ensure product precision and stability.


Expert Team and Core Technology: Setting New Industry Standards

Propelled by the momentum of the national "13th Five-Year Plan," Limon has assembled a highly specialized research and development team, accumulating rich intellectual property and core technologies. Presently, Limon's products find wide applications in key industries, including new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, 3C electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, LCD panels, and biomedical equipment manufacturing.


Global Perspective: Building an International "Friend Circle" for Limon

From its inception, Limon has embraced a global strategy, adhering to international technical standards and fully leveraging global resources and channels for business expansion. By 2023, Limon has forged strategic partnerships with clients in over 30 countries and regions, establishing service centers in multiple overseas markets.


Practitioner of "Made in China": Showcasing Green Technological Power

Under the impetus of the national "Dual Carbon" goals, Limon has successfully developed a new generation of energy-efficient linear motor products. This advancement not only enhances energy efficiency but also highlights the innovative capabilities of Chinese private enterprises in green technology.

With the mission of embodying "Made in China," Limon remains committed to collaboration with the industry, daring to innovate and striving to open up more possibilities for the future industrial revolution.



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