- Belt Driven Linear Actuator -

I Series

Open type

Classification: Open type
Drive type: Belt drive
Sealed type: General environment, semi-sealed
Repetitive accuracy: ±0.05mm
Strong carrying capacity
High-speed transplanting
Easy assembly and operation
Long stroke can be customized

Close type

Classification: Close type
Drive type: Belt drive
Sealed type: Clean room environment, fully enclosed
Repetitive accuracy: ±0.05mm
Strong carrying capacity
High-speed transplanting
Easy assembly and operation
Long stroke can be customized

Z-AXIS lifting special type

Driver type: Synchronous belt driver
Sealed type: general environment, semi sealed
Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm
Maximum dimension of main section: 80*150.5mm
High carrying capacity
High-speed transplanting
Easy to install and operate
Super long travel can be customized

Belt driven linear actuators are play the role points of the electromechanical world, it can offering longer stroke lengths and faster speed capabilities than screw driven designs, with less inertia and better resistance to contamination than rack and pinion drives. And although linear motors boast better positioning accuracy than belts, the price-performance ratio of a belt driven actuator is difficult to beat.

Basic info:

Type: Belt driven type, open and close type

Repetitive accuracy: Belt type: ±0.05mm

Speed and max stroke: the max length for each unit is 4,000mm, our current technology can also completely solve the straightness problem of splicing, so the longest product we used to provided over 12,000mm. The highest speed 5000mm/s.


  1. The integrated design for pulley and coupling could keep the stability and save space
  2. This design can shorten the length of motor lateral installation, save the machine space
  3. It is very flexible, the motor mount could change to each side according to customer’s different design.
  4. We put the external oil holes on the block to avoid the disassembling,when the end user adding the grease.


 LCD panel manufacturing, Photovoltaic industry, white goods production line, lithium battery manufacturing, automation industrial

This series is uniaxial modules. While providing uniaxial modules, limon can also provide multi-axis combined projects, including necessary connecting parts, motor drive, reducer, drag chain belt, etc. Besides, our technicians also participates in customer projects, calculates design strength, and provides customers with a complete set of solutions.

Belt driven linear actuator have a distinct advantage due to their ability to be manufactured in virtually any length. Belt drive linear actuators include either an external, trapped, or internal belt arraignments. The Belts are made of a high tension steel material that only requires a single adjustment after initial use. No further tension is required. The pulleys have maintenance free ball bearings.

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