LIMON Linear Motion Products: slider ...

LIMON Linear Motion Products: slider rail

What is slider rail?


Slider rail can be divided into: roller slider guide, cylindrical slider guide, ball linear guide, it is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction to do reciprocating linear motion according to the nature of friction.


If you manufacture, pack and distribute things, if you need to move things through your manufacturing process with great precision and as little friction as possible the very best way to do that is using slider rails. Slider rail are devices used widely used across the full range of industrial sectors.

Slider Rail System is designed to support the movement and load of a piece of equipment in a linear way, either vertically or horizontally. A relatively simple piece of mechanical equipment designed to do a very simple job well, it lets you move things smoothly and safely through the manufacturing or packaging process.


What is the application for slider rail?


LIMON slider rail have much sizes,like 15,20,25,30,35,45,55,65.And the accuracy is C,H,P.

Because there’s such a wide variety of sizes, accuracy classes, and preload available, slider rail is suitable in almost all the application.


Slider rails tend to perform better than other guide devices due to their load capacity, accuracy, and rigidity. For this reason slider rail form the basis of many varied industrial applications. Whenever you need a low-friction guide system with high rigidity for loads weighing anything from a few grams to a few tons, there will be a linear rail suitable for your unique performance requirements.


Their load capacity, accuracy, and rigidity are all better than other solutions. Whereas a round shaft guide only withstands downward or lift-off loads, for example, slider rail can withstand downward loads, lift-off loads and moment loads. Unlike crossed roller guides, which only travel a limited distance, they can deliver impressively long travel increased stiffness, rigidity, and long life also contribute to their popularity.


How to choose the most match type?

1.Check the rail width.

Rail width Refers to the width of the slide rail.Rail width is one of the key factors for the load.

  1. Confirmed the rail length.

Full length = stroke + distance between sliders (more than 2 sliders) + length of sliders x number of sliders + safe stroke at both ends. If protective covers are added, the compression length of protective covers at both ends should be added.

  1. Check the rail type and number of block.

The normal type is square type and flange type.


How do you maintain a slider rail for more performance?


Any system with moving parts will eventually wear out. Under-lubricated guides can wear excessively, which leads to performance problems and premature failure. So in this way,after running long times later,we need to add oil.

The best way to find problems is before they become serious is to look and listen,and to check it isn’t lubricated enough, the guide rails are misaligned, or there’s uneven loading on the bearing blocks. In this way,we think the slider rail can keep it more performance.